Systems Engineering

The course is aimed to introduce a master level student to the fundamentals of systems engineering. Emphasis will be given to product architecture, lean processes, stakeholder analyses (people) and performance evaluation.


Dette vil du lære: 

• To identify the main components of engineered systems.
• Understanding the product, processes, stakeholders and performance concepts in these systems.
• Be acquainted with state of the art literature for systems engineering.
• Apply SE techniques, with preliminary requirements, analyses and evaluation for any engineering project.
• Communicate with stakeholders, understanding and quantifying system performance into different expectation.

Hvem vil kurset passe for: Personnel employed in technical, engineering, developement, R&D and similar departments.

Gjennomføring og omfang:

The course is organized with lectures on the academic content, examples and exercises in class (case studies). The case studies will be solved individually or in groups and documented in a project report. Teaching methods includes lectures, exercises, group-work and self-studies.
6 (six) Mandatory assignments. 

Faglig ansvarlig: Henrique Murilo Gaspar, Ola Jon Mork

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering.





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