Experiment design and data analysis

Through the course the students will learn how to design an experiment, develop a measurement procedure and extract relevant information from the collected data. Initially students will get acquainted with the lab facilities, especially with the towing tank, machinery lab and mechatronics lab.


Dette vil du lære: 

After completing this course,
• the student will be able to plan and conduct experiment in the lab and in the field. This includes data collection, data analysis and results reporting. 
• have basic knowledge, practical experience to conduct experimental work and general problem solving skills in experimental work.

Hvem vil kurset passe for: 

Personnel employed in technical, engineering, developement, R&D and similar departments.

Gjennomføring og omfang:

The course is organized with lectures on the academic content. In addition students will be doing lab work to conduct exercises which are combined into project assignments.

Faglig ansvarlig

Henry Piehl, henry.piehl@ntnu.no

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering.

Kurset er online og gjennomføres av NTNU i Ålesund, påmelding her.

Startdato: 17.08.2020