Best practice - virtual prototype and digitalization of marine design and operations

The course introduces the student to visual communication in engineering, including planning and execution of visual communication, 3D visualization in Computer Aided Engineering tools, creating virtual environments and 3D animation of marine operations.


Kort om kurset:

The course introduces the student to visual communication in engineering, including:

  • Planning and execution of visual communication
  • 3D visualization in Computer Aided Engineering tools
  • Creating virtual environments
  • 3D animation of marine operations

Dette vil du lære:

By completing this course the student will:

• Know the basic methodology and main principles of visualization and animation techniques applied in engineering.   

• Master advanced visual communication methods, and be able to plan and execute a visualization project.

• Master different software to produce realistic visualization of static as well as animations of dynamic systems. 

• Be able to visualize any engineering case independently and master terminology in the field.

Hvem vil kurset passe for?

Personnel employed in technical, engineering, development, R&D and similar departments. Also personnel in technical sales and market development will benefit greatly from this course.

Gjennomføring og omfang:

The course is delivered during two weeks, and is organized with lectures on background topics and an introduction to a case study. The case study will then be solved individually or in groups and documented in a project report. 
The total workload for the course is expected to be 2 weeks including independent research and literature survey supporting the project work. Grading will be based on the project report, and will assess the candidate(s) ability to interpret, familiarize, reflect and apply the course topics.

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Henrique Murilo Gaspar

Pierre Yann Major

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering.

Startdato: August 2020

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